Hira Vastgoed

Hira Vastgoed is an independent real estate advisory and development firm. We develop real estate projects and advise on real estate transactions. We bring high end services to our professional and private clients. We focus on residential and commercial properties throughout The Netherlands.

If you are interested in working with us, please find our contact info at the bottom of this page.

Real estate development

We develop residential projects, offices, hotels and other commercial properties. We work with private and professional investors and developers. 

Our efforts are focused on identifiying market opportunities, optimizing project business cases and delivering on-time and on-budget end results. We work closely with architects, construction engineers and contractors to ensure meeting quality and budget goals.

Off market real estate

A great part of real estate transactions takes place outside the scope of the open property market. It is a complex network of investors, owners, fund and asset managers, brokers and many other parties working together to create attractive development and investment opportunities.

The scarcity of high quality real estate propositions makes the search for fitting assets always a challenge. This is especially true in high density environments like The Netherlands. Hira Vastgoed has access to an extensive network of real estate professionals in the field to accommodate bespoke deal sourcing.

How we work

With a background in urban planning and real estate development, we strongly believe in the future value and potential of property. Following and proactively scouting potential development areas and redevelopment possibilities, we are able to find the right opportunities for our clients and partners. With our development experience we are able to transform low performing assets into well-performing properties.